Our History

Paul Heyne and Karen Bogut have designed Heyne Bogut as both a fashion and an art statement. Veterans of both industries, they have successfully merged a contemporary attitude, expressing a unique blend of artistic sensitivity with fashion awareness. The Heyne & Bogut team developed years of forward fashions under their label Vox Pop. They created an image of an ultra-trendy line which sold globally. Their accounts included Patricia Field, Henri Bendel, Barneys NYC, etc., and were featured in several magazines like Elle, Vogue, Mademoiselle, etc. They worked with stylists for film and television. Vox Pop was regularly seen on Melrose Place and MTV.

Paul Heyne, a painter and graphic designer, along with his partner and spouse Karen Bogut, a dyer and stylist, formerly wholesaled and retailed in the arts and crafts industry. They were lured into the fashion business via the use of a T-shirt as a canvas, selling their artfully enhanced T-shirts to Fiorucci's and entered the world of fashion. Their T-shirts were bought and worn by rock and movie stars alike.

The allure of the business hooked the team. They opened their own showroom in New York with partner Patricia Field. Retail stores opened in SoHo, NYC, and Philadelphia. Department and chain store sales were common. 

The boom of the 90s had created an opportunity for success in all arenas. Clients became more interested in items made by hand that connected them with something more personal. Slow fashion that expresses sensitivity and awareness of multicultural ideas, style and art, all connected by global consciousness.

Returning to the everyday pace of email, satellite TV, cell phones, and laptops, we all need to feel connected. We take the hard edge of technology and give people something beautiful to soften and enhance their world.



"They really love what they do, and you can see it in their clothes says Ellen Shepp at Joan Shepp in Elkins Park."

Philadelphia Inquire

"HEYNE BOGUT - a high end line of elegant, funky couture designs."

Philadelphia STYLE

Knit Wits Ann Gitter says, "It's just perfect for my store. We got the first group in and it sold out very quickly."

Philadelphia Inquire

"Dear Karen...I love all your designs. They make me feel happy!..."

Barbara Eden - (I Dream Of Jeannie)

"...HEYNE & BOGUT meld an ancient handcrafted feel with high-tech futurism..."

Margit Detweiller - PhiladelphiaCityPaper

“I’ve always loved the handcrafted, punk-rock vibe of Heyne Bogut Designs. Back in the 90s, Paul and Karen’s clothes were a breath of fresh air in Philly – wild and wearable at the same time. I remember visiting their little shop (a long time ago) in Old City and what struck me the most was their meticulous attention to detail while keeping things free-spirited. Burnished chiffon tops and sexy, deep-colored velvet dresses seemed otherworldly – Heyne Bogut had this knack for combining elegance with a rebellious edge. Over the years Paul and Karen have honed their craft, infusing their high-quality
creations with a sense of timelessness. I really don’t know how they do it. They have
always celebrated the spirit of non-conformity, inviting people to embrace their unique style and unleash their inner rebels. But their clothes have always been more than mere garments; they are an embodiment of freedom and creativity.”

Margit Detweiler - Editor, founder of Gen-X storytelling collective @tuenightgyratemedia.com

“The most important thing in business are the relationships we build. Working with Karen
and Paul all these years has been incredibly special. Their passion and talent and drive is exceptional and inspiring! Heyne Bogut has always filled a need in our store that no other has ever come close!

Ellen Shepp - @joanshepp